ParentPowerChicago, Inc. was formed to help parents take charge of their children’s academic and cultural development and guide them toward success.

The mission of ParentPowerChicago is to equip parents throughout the Chicagoland area with the information, inspiration, support and resources they need to help their children succeed in school and in life. The primary goal of our work is to build a community of support around parents that will make engagement and leadership more fun and less time consuming while filling in many of the gaps (real and perceived) that hinder parents by connecting them to resources, information and relationships.

There are three main area of work at ParentPowerChicago.

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Through the Resource Hub, parents can access a wide range of resources: tutoring and homework help, on-line teaching, mentoring, music and arts programs, sports and recreational activities and more. In the Parent Network we create spaces for parents to connect, support each other while they learn, have fun and succeed together.

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  • Christopher Butler
    Executive Director

    Christopher has been involved across the spectrum of public engagement activities (advocacy, participation, community organizing and political organizing) in Chicago and throughout the state of Illinois. As a young organizer with “Every Block A Village” on Chicago’s west side, he helped to establish a network of tightly knitted block clubs that still exists today. Chris went on from that work to establish organizations designed to help youth build themselves and their communities. As a young man, Chris has been involved in several political campaigns including his service as a Youth and Young Adult Coordinator for Barack Obama’s primary bid for US Senate. Chris worked as Deputy Campaign Manager and Field Director for A+ Illinois where he developed a strong, statewide field operation including over five-hundred organizations and 50,000 individuals around the state working to bring adequacy and equity to Illinois’ school funding system and as the Director Advocacy and Outreach at New Schools for Chicago, a leader in school reform in Chicago.

    Chris is a 2006 graduate of the Ministry Training Institute and holds a degree in Civic and Political Engagement from Northeastern Illinois University. He has a passion to see urban communities transformed by empowering and mobilizing local people to develop and execute coordinated strategies to effect change in the community. Chris lives in the south side of Chicago with his wife, Aziza and two children.

  • Terea Murphy
    Parent Network Director

    Terea Murphy is the Director of PPC’s Parent Network. She received her B.S. in Early Childhood Education and her M.S. Ed in Urban Teacher Leadership from Georgia State University. She comes to PPC with more than 10 years of experience working in the field of education and an extensive background working in the community.

    Terea is a former teacher and she not only understands the educational and social needs of children but also what supports parents need to ensure that their child reaches their full potential. She is committed to the community and to bringing a deeper understanding of the parent’s role in educating and advocating for their child; to that end she is constantly acquiring and sharing knowledge that will promote student growth and parent involvement. Being a parent has also helped to fuel Terea’s mission.

  • Tara Nance
    Resource Hub Director

    For more than two decades Tara Nance has coordinated, facilitated or endorsed a cause for empowerment and social justice with a splash of arts and entertainment. Her career has centered around the nonprofit sector, where she has demonstrated the importance of research, planning, execution and evaluation, the recipe for an excellent marketing mix. She has provided various companies and organizations with her expertise as administrative director, external relations coordinator, talent manager, executive assistant, public speaker, lobbyist, teen advocate, board president and events coordinator. Her personal mission is to assist others in visualizing and executing their dreams with guided precision. Learning from others who have paved the way in areas of philanthropy and advocacy has propelled her to tailor make a satisfying career path.

  • Christopher Denson
    Outreach Coordinator

    Singer/ Producer/ Vocal Producer/ Marketing
    Worked with artists and Clients such as
    Ramsey Lewis, Kanye West, Malik Yusef, Michelle Williams (Destiny's Child) McDonlads General Motors, Toyota, etc
    Chief Marketing Officer Of American Chamber Opera Company
    Marketing Executive for Underwriters Laboratories
    Co-Publisher Windy City Word
    Outreach Manager ParentPowerChicago

  • Aisha Seals
    Resource Manager

    Ms. Seals has made it a life time commitment to serve in the Social Service and Educational arena. For almost twenty years, she has educated, created, and served in a manner solely dedicated to assisting populations in need of improving the lives of their families and selves. Her years of altruism have been allocated in educating students and parents in Character Development, Life Skills, and Prevention Education throughout Chicagoland’s schools, community based organizations, and many other Social Service agencies throughout the city.

    Also, Aisha Seals’ work in Child Welfare has helped families bring a sense of closure and permanency for many with challenging home environments. She has had the pleasure of being intricately involved in major decision making and development of new strategies for those that are in need.

  • Portia Mittons
    Events Manager

    Portia Mittons is a recent Chicago transplant from Kankakee, IL.

    The place Chicagoans refer to as "The place I stop to get gas when I'm headed south on I-57." Although she attended the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign she is a firm believer that college is not for everyone and people should follow their passions instead of what makes sense.

  • Gabriela Payne
    Office Administrator

    Gabriela Payne is a UIC alumni with a love for people and a desire to help individuals reach beyond their potential.

    Entering into university, Gabriela initially majored in education to become a teacher due to her love for children. She then transitioned to Psychology, realizing her desire to not only work with kids, but to understand all people and how their life circumstances affects who they may be. Gabriela has worked part time jobs throughout her years in college in administration-- having worked at Chicago State University’s Physical Facilities Plant, UIC Office of Admission and Records, and Fitch Even Tabin and Flannery LLP Accounting Department.

    Gabriela currently works as Office Administrator at ParentPowerChicago. Her great organizational skills and administration experiences have assisted in building the business aspects of ParentPowerChicago. Working as part of the PPC team, Gabriela can accomplish her desire to assist parents in helping their children reach beyond their potential.

  • LaShanda Howard
    Parent Liaison

    LaShanda Howard is a Parent Liaison at ParentPowerChicago.

    LaShanda has been a staff member since June of 2014. She has worked in social services for 6 years and her passion is giving help, hope and opportunities to people in need. Her job is rewarding, because as she connects parents to resources, she is also able to connect her family and friends to resources.

    LaShanda received her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at Northern Illinois University in 2002 and continued her studies at Chicago State University in the Master of Social Work, (MSW) program in 2011.

    She currently resides on the South side of Chicago with her husband and three beautiful children.

    LaShanda is very excited to be on this new adventure with ParentPowerChicago and all that it has to offer parents and children. This new position has allowed her to work with the best team, to serve the best people, and have the best results.

  • Terrell Campbell
    Resource Manager

    Terrell is a highly motivated person that has provided services within the youth development and programming field.
    He has over 10 years experience in direct service, program development/implementation, grant writing, and creating organizational partnerships.

    Terrell started working in this field while he was in school at Columbia College Chicago studying live sound engineering. He began as a program instructor teaching youth audio technology but had an interest in the technical and management parts that helped support the work he was producing. From that point​,​ Terrell has immersed himself in youth development and programming gaining his experience from several Chicago land organizations.
    His vision is to see service agencies work more collaboratively so the work can be more effective changing communities. Terrell has a Bachelors degree in Audio Arts & Acoustics from Columbia College Chicago, and received his Masters in Evangelism and Leadership from Wheaton College.

  • Frances Newman
    Parent Liaison

    Frances Newman joined PPC nearly a year ago as a Parent Liaison.
    She has more than 35 years of experience as a parent, with several of her children attending Chicago Public Schools.
    She has been a staunch parent advocate for several decades and has served on numerous Local School Councils and Parent Advisory Councils.
    She has worked with several community organizations including Community Action Councils, the Black Star Project, and The Chicago Alliance of Urban School Educators (CAUSE).
    Frances holds an Associate’s Degree in Accounting and a Bachelor of Arts from DePaul University.

ParentPowerChicago’s team of professionals is dedicated to helping parents fulfill their role as their children’s primary educators.

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Through ParentPowerChicago, parents can access a wide range of resources from tutoring and mentoring, music and arts programs, sports and recreational activities and more. We’ve made it easy to find the resource s you need. Choose the type of resource you need and find the program that best suits your child’s needs. Listed are the program’s fee structure, when and where it is offered along with the the map listing for your convenience. We want desire to be your “One-Stop Shop” for your child’s educational and cultural connections.



The Parent Network was created to provide parents with ongoing support, communication, and motivation; we want to ensure that parents will get involved and stay involved with their children's academic and cultural development. Once a part of the Network, you will receive information about local events and community resources. You will also receive information on fun and innovate ways to help your child succeed.

The very best thing about the parent network is that parents can join the Power 8 Movement and receive one-on-one support.

The Power 8 Movement is a distinct organizing model where parents are given individual support from one of our trained volunteer leaders.

Volunteer leaders called Circle Facilitators provide monthly phone contact to parents for one-on-one support and encouragement.

Parents are assigned to a “Circle” where they receive 1:1 support from a volunteer Circle Facilitator who has been trained by ParentPowerChicago.

Each Circle consists of 8 parents. Eight Circles make up a "Cluster" which is led by a volunteer Cluster Leader who The Cluster Leader provides support for Circle Facilitators in the same way they support the parents in their Circles -as well as providing additional coaching on leading their Circle. ParentPowerChicago staff called Parent Liasons has been traines by us. Support Cluster Leaders.



Our Communications efforts are focused on making sure that parents have all of the information they need about ParentPowerChicago, resources in the city and the tips and news that parents can use to help their children.

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