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About Parent Power Chicago

ParentPowerChicago, Inc., is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to helping parents help their children improve their learning skills, be successful in school and have a great future. We hope to inspire and support parents, engage and empower them to become more involved in their children’s education.

Access a wide range of support to help your child in school, from tutoring, homework help, on-line teaching, mentoring and more. If your child is interested in music and the arts, you can find a fabulous range of programs throughout Chicago. You can also find school options, available financial aid and scholarships. And if your child is planning for college, we can connect you to literally thousands of colleges, help you apply, find financial aid and more!

And, join our Power Parents. Parents like yourself who are dedicated to finding the best education for their children. You can share experiences, help organize events and more.

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We have brought together a large, growing network of educational and cultural resources, or service providers. From tutoring, after school programs, summer programs, sports and music and the arts, ParentPowerChicago will make it easy for parents and teachers to find what they need to help children succeed.


Tutoring, After School, On-Line, Homework Help, Mentoring

Find a tutor, free homework help, after-school and out-of-school programs and more. Mostly free

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Scholarships, Financial Aid, College Prep

Find out which Chicago private schools have financial aid and scholarships, and how to apply for them.  And, we’ll help you find college that best fits your child; how to apply; and all the financial aid you may need

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Parent Support , Power Parents and Parent Portal

Parent involvement is key to their child’s success. Find the resources to help you be better able to help your child succeed

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Music & the Arts

Children that participate in music and the arts are children that succeed in school.  Search a wide range of organizations and people offering music, dance and theatre

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You can find sports programs throughout the city that your child will learn and enjoy.

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